Saturday, April 30, 2016

#477 Tom Phoebus

Pronounced Fee-Bus.....diminutive curveball specialist and hometown product of Baltimore.....Enjoyed limelight with several good campaigns in the late 60’s....started out going 2-1 with 1.27 ERA in 1966 call up...proceeded to racked up 14, 15, and then 14 win seasons respectively in years 1967-69....took a back seat in rotation during 1970 sharing the #5 spot with Jim Hardin....claimed a 5-5 win loss record....highlight of season was winning game 2 of WS.... came in relief his first and only WS appearance was also his last time in a Oriole uniform....traded to Padres for 1971 season...bittersweet for the Baltimore native....fared poorly in Yellow and Brown going 3-11 and was eventually  ushered out of rotation to mop up in lost games the last two months....Resurfaced as a Cub for 1972 to shore up their relief corp.... did a reasonable job with 6 saves...traded to Atlanta for an Hall of Fame Manager, Tony LaRussa....spent 1973 in AAA Richmond before retiring....was a draftsman in off season.


  1. Phoebus really stepped up for the Orioles in 1967, when McNally, Palmer, and Bunker were all sidelined with injuries after their fine 1966 seasons.

  2. The 60's were by large very good for the Orioles between a very strong farm systems shrewd trades, and little luck (expansion teams passing on Jim Palmer as damaged goods). Although both Baltimore and LA had losing records after 1966 WS, I beleive the Orioles did better despite having more adversity.