Monday, March 7, 2016

#501 Pete Hamm

Tried to catch on with the big club in was not to be....substandard performance spanning two seasons....did not play in MLB after this card came out.....After being drafted ran up the ladder of Twins farm clubs at the time....St Cloud, Auburn, Orlando, Charlotte, Evansville....Called up late summer 1970....roughed up early but was able to cut ERA to 5.50 level....1971 started good with a win and heartbreaking no decision effect in 1-0 loss to Clyde Wright and the Angels....roughed in all of his next outings in the next month and a half....sent down to minors...resurfaced in Sept and able to get one more win and not much else....Purchased by White Sox for 1972 but ended up in the  Reds AA club at Three Rivers Quebec and won 17 games.


  1. Ugh. The dreaded Pete Hamm '72 card. No disrespect to the man, but back in the day trading cards with my friends, this Pete Hamm card ended up in every deal we made between all of us. No one wanted this card for some reason. I can remember getting a great trade for a 73 Willie Mays card...if I also took this Pete Hamm card too. Of course I made the trade! I think I parted with it for team checklist from the '74 set.

  2. funny story. I never a Pete Hamm and probably would have wanted one since he was a Twin. The first card I thought of that I dreaded was the 1973 Michael Thompson card. A pitcher who wasn't even very good in the minors.

    1. I contacted one of my old trading buddies and he told me that last he saw the dreaded Pete Hamm card, someone had drawn glasses and a mustache on it, but didn't know where it is today. I don't remember the Michael Thompson card. I'll need to look that one up.

  3. Michael Thompson's career line was 1-6 with the Senators, Never played for Rangers as indicated on his 1973 card, then went 0-3 for the Cardinals and 0-6 for the Braves. Total 1-15 W-L. It could be the worst win loss of one game winner.

    Your glasses and mustache story reminds me of the marker attacks between my sister and I of 1973. I put mustaches on pics in her Partridge family magazines. She countered by going the same on a few 1973 cards. I don't remember all of them expect for a Dusty Baker card. Oh memories.

  4. Actually he's listed as Mike Thompson and he also had a 1976 card.