Monday, March 21, 2016

#490 Dave McNally

Formidable opponent unless you are cheering for him....Original Ace of the juggernaught Orioles staff of four 20 games winners a feat that most likely will never be seen a again....One of the greatest athletes to come out Montana Big Sky Country....Sad childhood lost father in WW2 at age 3.....became a regular with the big club in 1963 mixed results at progress in next two seasons where he chips 11 then 13 wins in 1965 and 1966 respectively....won his first of 7 post season games in the 1966 WS....1967 was a lost year at 7-7.... found his grove in 1968 going 22-8 and sub 2.0 ERA....started a dominant phase...proceeded to 20, 24, and 21 games in the years 1969-1971....Finished 4th, 2nd, then 4th in AL Cy Young voting at the same time....had best AL win % nothing over powering just pitching guile and cunning and three season were solid but less spectacular than others winning an average of 15 games a season.....After 1974, wanted to be traded to rejuvenate his career.....however the end came quickly after he was traded to Montreal for the 1975 season...After a 3-0 start lost effectiveness....retired from game June 9th 1975.....Not interested in returning to the game but nevertheless was one of first players to be granted  free agency...sold cars in Billings MT instead....Died in 2002 after long bouts with cancer.

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