Friday, March 25, 2016

#489 Expos Rookie Stars

Two players of non distinction but some MLB niche...Terry Humphreys... drafted in Montreal first year and hit well in four tiers of minor league ball....  back up backstop for 8 .211 BA indicates hitting kept him from regular work....not uncommon story for 2nd or 3rd string catchers.... starting in 1971 took in parts of five seasons in Quebec....only when he escaped from the Expos did he hit above .200....Career Expo average was .185...BA of .244 was a major offensive upsurge with Detroit Tigers in 1975...wasn’t tested much with this figure coming out of 41 at Bats....kept the hitting streak going  (for Terry anyway) with .245 mark when he traveled to Angel svia Houston for 1976....achieved semi-regular status in 1977 but his already skimpy BA dropped nearly 20 points....became a 2nd stringer with the arrival of Brian Downing 1978 to the Big hit out of 17 At Bats  spelled the end his playing career in 1979....

Keith Lampard....In all estimation a AAA+ hitter....interesting in that he one of a very few MLB players born in the UK....MLB experience was over as of 1970....grew up in the Portland Or area...a fixture for several years at Houston’s Oklahoma City AAA affiliate....hit .337 there in 1971....Even after the 1972 Expos Rule 5 draft transaction...Returned to Astros just before season....Eventually went to St Louis and Philly systems for the last two years of his career.

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