Monday, February 1, 2016

#511 Tony Taylor

Long time Philadelphia regular brought to Detroit to share duties with Dick McAuliffe...still had skills and speed….in the years 1955 to 1972 a consistent yet quiet performer, unknown to American League circles....Originally signed by the Cubs organization....After two seasons and some change, shipped to Philly....Regular for 12 seasons.... Photogenic with a winning smile....unfortunately this was with losing Phillie clubs...saw a 23 game losing streak and the 1964 exiting the 1972 Phillies he left a possibly one of the worst teams ever save for Steve Carlton 27-10 record....Tiger trade brought him to an aging yet contending team....was able to get in post season for the only time 1972....Let go by Tigers after 1973 returned to Phillies for three more seasons.....Standout year was 1974 when he hit .321...Career .261 average in 7689 at bats,


  1. Tony Taylor was an excellent pinch-hitter in his 2nd tour with the Phillies. He was left off the 1976 post-season roster (the Phillies' 1st post-season since 1950) in a numbers squeeze, which angered his friend Dick Allen.

    Always on the edge when it came to co-existing with team management, Allen refused to return for the 1977 season because of Taylor's snub.

  2. That's one for Dick...and that's how Wampum 60 was born.