Friday, February 26, 2016

#504 Ed Spiezio

third baseman...beneficiary of expansion for a few years anyway.... from Joilet Illinois, Ed climbed up the Cardinal chain....assets were quick hands, positive attitude, strong work ethic, and some pop in his a call up from 1964.... Able to get a share of WS money that year...but never really caught on; the opportunity to replace an aging Ken Boyer was given to converted outfielder Mike Shannon...mostly rode the bench in to expansion Padres gave him playing time...As a Padre hit .235 with 13 home runs first year out....On opening night had the first Padre hit and run with a solo home run....had his career year in 1970 hitting a healthy .285 and considerable improvement at OPS and slugging....regressed in 1971 between injuries and conflicts with the front office resulted in drop in power, playing time, and BA...woes continued into 1972 and was traded to White Sox to replace an injured Bill Melton...hit .238 which turned out be his career average....released in the post season....Son Scott exceeded his father baseball exploits,  playing for 12 years and on two World Series championship teams.

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