Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bonus Post ...or late depending on your view

In doing this blog I realize I make quite a few mistakes...writing style changes, editing, spelling errors...sometimes readers let me know looking over old files I realized I had missed a card a while sorry Jack...
#769 Jack Aker  The 1971 Yankee Team Co-Leader in Saves with….(4)Four.  That’s right two players, Aker and Lindsay McDaniel each had four saves each to lead the team....As a team the Yankees had 12 saves in 1971….Worst in the league and since the 1962 Mets but it wasn’t all that unusual saves were much more rare in the 60’s….That all changed next year with the Yankees early season trade for Sparky Lyle arguably the man who changed relief pitching to what it is today.... Aker’s 1971 was strange in that it looks statistically similar to the two preceding season in NY but the saves were few and far between….Started in KC A’s organization ….Best year was in 1966 and was fireman of the year….after two medicore seasons ended up as an original Seattle Pilot...was hammered hard early on but reestablished effectiveness upon arrival with Yankees....After NY ended up with the Cubs for the 1972…regained status as a closer with 17 saves....lost effectiveness  in 1973 as the Chicago northsiders started to age...finished out career in 1974 with short stints on Braves and Mets teams.

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