Thursday, January 7, 2016

#519 Ted Abernathy

Very underappreciated and very good if handled right....At the time a pitcher identifiable by his submarine delivery....his delivery is the story of an evolution due to injuries, was an overhander in high school turned  side armed turned submariner....1952 First season in minors won 20 games a feat unheard of today....A mixture of military commitment and call ups to the 1st incarnation of the Washington Senators greatly reduced effectiveness...bounced around minor and organizations but started to find an inkling of effectiveness with Cleveland 1963....Became a Cub in 1965 and set the then MLB record for appearances and was named fireman of the year .... off year in 1966 resulted in a trade....resurfaced and returned to 1965 form with Cincinnati 1967-68 in a rare highly beneficial rule 5 good won his second fireman of the year award....returned to Cubs in 1968 and became a fixture again teaming for a 1-2 punch with Phil Reagan....Curiously pitched well in 1970 but transversed through three teams, finishing with the KC Royals....Last two season remained effective with 23 saves in 1971 and 1.70 ERA in 1972....Despite this was released as part of a KC youth movement prior 1973...did resurface in low minors for a few games 1973that year....passed away 2004....paved the way for submariners Kent Tekulve and Dan Quisenberry.

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