Saturday, January 23, 2016

#514 Ted Sizemore

Athletic name....Voted NL 1969 Rookie of the Year....line drive hitter who played almost exclusively as a catcher or outfielder in minors...took over the reins at 2nd base, a  virtually unknown position allowing Jim Lefrever to third base and Paul Popovich to become trade bait....tenure in LA was short, for Dodger sought more power in the person of Dick Allen for 1971....Took over in St Louis for an aging Julian Javier....was the Cards regular 2nd baseman for 1971-75....hit .260 for the club...after a sub par BA of .240 returned to Dodgers as a sub...regains starter status with Philadelphia 1977 and responds with most complete season hitting .281 to go with 4 home runs and 47 RBIs.... BA took a career low of .219 in to Cubs for 1979  allowed a brief return to being a regular....was traded to Red Sox  that year for the playoff push...released mid 1980.


  1. A lot of 1972 cards seem to have that Candlestick Park construction in the background. I wonder if it was ongoing thru the whole 1971 season?

  2. Yes many 1972 card show the construction. My guess is they halted construction until the off season. I found this photo: