Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#527 Dave Leonhard

A part timer...the occasional fifth starter....pitched well in first two seasons but never got enough starts to rack up major numbers....could be called a poor man’s Jim Palmer...  very impressive minor league journey including a 20 win season in AA, a feat unheard of in today’s game....after 1969 his career encountered considerable struggles...spent entire 1970 with the Birds but was not effective..... Spent a portion of 1971 in the minors and once up was able to bounce back with a ERA 2.80 but forgotten the milieu of 20 game winners that was the bird hill aces of 1971....1972 was similar to 1970 in he stayed for the full season but used very was also his last season....was able to break free from Baltimore and try his luck with other team but spent three more years in minors without a return to the majors.

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  1. I'm going to ask a question, I seem to remember Dave being in some kind of commercial but can't seem for the life of me remember what it was for. Anybody?