Sunday, December 13, 2015

#526 Bob Bailey

Journeyman 3rd baseman who put up solid yet unspectacular years came about with expansion Expos.... Started in the early 60’s with Pittsburgh working his way to regular status and improving BA....hit .257 with the Bucs.... to Dodgers as the team was retooling after Koufax...Bob had strangely identical seasons 1967-68 hitting .227 in 322 ABs....experiment was failure for both LA and Pitt...When purchased to the Expos Bob squeezed in 85 games at 1st base after Don Clendenon vacated...for next couple of years was a positional vagabond.....splitting outfield and customary third base....Best season 1970 was an efficient effort and his OPS was one of best in league (but had too few at bats to be in top rankings)....thereafter had  years of 14, 16, 24, and 20 home runs....lost playing time starting in 1975....finished career as a reserve with Reds and Red Sox for three years...still showed pop in Cincinnati hitting .298 with 6 home runs in 124 At Bats for 1976 but did not play in the Reds post season.

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