Thursday, December 17, 2015

#525 Carlos May

Younger brother of Lee May....but played in a different manner....more speed and line drives....a fixture in either the White Sox outfield or first base....most famous for being able to play effectively despite losing part of a thumb while in military service during his rookie year...Incident occurred in later 1969....that season infused a then traditionally hitting challenged team with a .281 BA and 18 home runs....from then on hit better for average in each season pinnacling in 1972 with .308....1973 BA dropped somewhat  but had career bests in home runs (20) and RBI (96)..... numbers became more pedestrian in subsequent seasons.....after poor start in 1976, exiled to Yankees where he was a semi regular as he brought his BA up to above lifetime average....could not repeat in 1977 as he served as a 1978 took his bat to Japan were he feasted on pitching for 3 seasons.


  1. The name and number on the back of his jersey was:

    which was also his birthday.

  2. I saw that listed on BR page. Really cool and clever. My favorite jersey of all time is this

  3. Bill Voiselle wore 96 when he was with the Braves. His hometown was Ninety-Six, South Carolina!

    1. Also with the Braves, Andy Messersmith's jersey said:


      (A marketing ploy by Ted Turner, whose WTBS network was on channel 17 in Atlanta.)