Sunday, December 20, 2015

#524 Reds Rookie Stars

Two players both very short would not make front page news for another three years....

Ed Armbrister....short, unremarkable career if wasn’t for one incident in 1975....Was batting in 1975 World Series hit a bunt  to advance runner, hesitates to go to first, Ed and catcher Carlton Fisk converge, once Fisk gets the ball over throws to second base winning the game for the Red....Incident is controversial to this day and the Red Sox of title for many years....Played sparingly for two years mostly as a defensive replacement.....245 Ba in 265 AB for a career....Ed is from Nassau, Bahamas, a place with a surprising poor baseball lineage unlike the nearby Dominican Republic....

Mel Behney...already one season past his final MLB with Reds occurred in 1970 and ranged from debut game on August 14th to Sept 20th....went 0-2 with 4.50 ERA...played in minors up to the 1973 season.


  1. Love the full stats on the back, Armbrister is airbrushed from a Houston cap I believe.

  2. I really like full statists format too. Very unique. I had five of the seven (Reds, Astros, Royals, White Sox, A's) with this format.