Sunday, December 27, 2015

#522 Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card

The storied franchise....the team of dominant legends know by one moniker: #42, Vance, the Duke, PeeWee, Drysdale, Koufax, Garvey, and most recently Kershaw,....A team mythic only next to Yankees....Beginning in Brooklyn had various monikers until 1931 when the Dodger name of residence: 1913-1957 Ebbets Field....Legendary but nestled in a residential neighborhood with limited seating and poor parking....On the field the bums were typically very good but were snake bit come World Series time...spell was broken in 1955 with a victory over the Yankees....1958 negotiations new stadium fell through and with the promise of prime land and a new stadium and market, the team traveled west to Los Angeles....Convinced the NY Giants to follow suit to San Francisco...subsequently the 5 other World Championships....First championship was in 1959 was a cooperative effort with no one dominant player....the next two were carried on the left arm of Sandy Koufax in the years 1963 an d 1965...After Koufax's departure the team had to rebuild....The team was able to return to the World Series in 1974, 1977 and 1978 but came up short in all three....1981 were able to use strike shortened year and extract revenge against NYY....most recent  WS win was in 1988 topping the A's payback for 1974 loss....Only Duke Snider  home run record has been broken, three times and Shaun Green holds the top spot with 49....the only pitching record broken, as typical of most franchises,  is total games for Mike Marshall still holds the top spot with 104 set not so recently in 1974.


  1. Can't see it too well, but is that Vin Scully just over Manny Mota's left shoulder? It's probably Red Patterson though. And what's with Maury Wills and Bobby Valentine looking in opposite directions? Near the right side of the second row from the top. And I spy Dick Allen there in-between Duke Sims and Manny Mota to the left of the same row. Great looking card!

  2. I like the fact the opposing team is having BP in backdrop. This was the era that team picture were very informal, not uncommon to see fans looking on in the background either. I don't think you'd see that today.