Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#534 Jim Hickman

Average outfielder with one exceptional year...1970:  31 home runs 115 RBI, .315 BA....beginnings went back to 1956 when he was signed up by Cardinals as a free agent....climbed his way up the system....was picked in the NY Mets in 36th round of expansion draft based on excellent 1960 season in the Texas league...Was the first Met Centerfielder ever....OK year hitting .245 for the pitching poor Mets... held the regular CF spot for four more years....injuries cut into playing time in 1966...A 1967 trade to the Dodgers had disastrous results....thrown in as part of trade to the Cubs...after a stint with 2 AAA plus the big club in 1968, started to reawaken in 1969 with 21 HRs....had the memorable hit that drove in Pete Rose in 70 all star game...had two more above average seasons....playing time waned with age and retired mid national leaguer.

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