Monday, November 30, 2015

#530 Don Sutton

Entering 7th season as a future Hall of Fame pitcher...after 1972 would play 15 more campaigns... winning  11 games or more in 13 one them...the sequence of wins after this card came out was 19, 18,19,16, 21,14,15, 12, 13 while being a post-Koufax icon of Dodger blue (1966-1979)....broke in during Sandy K’s last year of 1966....had consecutive losing seasons (1967-69) as his LA retooled....took his trade to Houston for 1 ¾ solid seasons; pitched in late 1982 sparked Brewer’s surge to their only WS berth... still considered a force to reckoned in years 1983-1985with despite service with second division to Angels late 1985 returned him to playoff contention....made last league championship playoff appearance, a venue he did well at in both AL and NL....made short return to Dodgers in 1988....played last game August 9th in 6-0 losing effort.... trademarks were longevity, durability and line was formidable,  23 seasons, 756 starts, 325 wins, 3574 strikeouts, career ERA of 3.25...well done.

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