Saturday, October 31, 2015

#538 Charlie Sands

Typical story of many rule 5 draftees...up the entire 1971 (by rules) with the Pirates...used sparingly 28 games, 25 at bats, 5 hits, .200 BA....his number of hits equaled RBIs, a rarity...Charlie started in Baltimore and then NYY farm system...had trouble getting regular work even in minors at that time....In 1973 briefly traded to Detroit (1 AB in AAA) and then Angels....Had best professional season hitting .301 in AAA with 22 home runs....capped off season by hitting .273 in 33 at bats for the parent club....stayed with Angel 1974 entire year hitting .193....last two seasons were with Oakland system and had a brief appearance with big club (like many other veterans of the time)


  1. Looking at the knob of the bat he's holding. Does that look like "21" to you? If so, he's holding Clemente's bat!

  2. This is the first card I've seen that highlighted a player's "key Walks".

  3. the good people at Topps in their wisdom to include Charlie in a single card (their are several players who had more playing time who were still on rookie cards) really had to reach to find MLB highlight. Look at his box scores to see if all these walks were vital. I'd say one game it was helpful in a close win. Fun fact: Charlie lost his rookie status in 1974 (8 seasons from his first at bat)