Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#551 Ollie Brown #552 In Action Ollie Brown

Beneficiary of expansion….a Padre original and 3 strong season for the upstarts…1st Padre taken in expansion draft….Started in San Francisco after hitting a blistering .343 in the minors…was able to get a regular spot in 1967 and responded with 13 home runs….injured for the prime of 1968…left unprotected in draft…was second in offense next to Nate Colbert in first SD season….1970 was Ollie’s career season setting personal bests in doubles, home runs,  RBI’s,  total bases, and BA in a regular role….follow up season was able to maintain BA…Started slow in 1972 and was traded to Oakland in a basic  Padre fire sale….was quickly put on waivers and acquired by Milwaukee…was able to regain semblance of part time regular… after a short daunt to Houston settled in Philly from mid 1974-1977….fairly good hitter…brother of Brave Oscar Brown….passed away early 2015.


  1. You're right. I haven't added it up yet but we rapidly approaching 1/2 of the player are now passed on.

  2. He had one of the all time best nicknames. Downtown Ollie Brown. Did not know that he passed. RIP.