Saturday, June 13, 2015

#589 Hal Lainer

Typical for the time; a good field poor hit infielder…. Up to this time, a life time Giant….Best season was well behind him; his rookie year of 1964….started that year in AAA Tacoma achieved a mid season call up based on .324 BA….Had a decent response to improved level of play, immediately taking a regular spot at 2nd base and hitting .274….the rest of his career did not hit above .233 in any given season….eventually moved to shortstop…virtually no power with his best mark being 3 home runs in the 1966….His last HR of that year was on Sept 5th,  would not hit  another until April  25th 1970, a span of 485 games….lost playing time in 1971 with the arrival of teenacger Chris Spier….relegated to fill in at all 4 infield spots…After purchase by NYY was used sparingly for two seasons.

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