Saturday, June 20, 2015

#587 Bill Wilson

Sometimes Bill, Sometimes Billy....Another prospective Philadelphia hurler of the time like Billy Champion who had trouble finding sustainable success…OK campaigns on pretty much bad teams serving as a middle reliever and an occasional closer….broke in 1969...staying with the big club all year, went 2-5 with 3.36 ERA….had a 3.07 ERA and career high 7 saves in 1971….spent early part of 1972 on DL, only getting work with Phillies later in second half….One more year in the bigs where he appeared in career high 44 games but a disastrous 6.66 ERA….Killer ERA for any pitcher....released soon after.... Died young, at age 50.

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  1. I remember Wilson had some sort of arm surgery in 1967 or 1968 before he made the majors. Something gruesome like transplanted nerves or blood vessels. Ouch!