Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#586 Denis Menke

Iowa farm boy who logged in 13 major league seasons…Started in Milwaukee Braves organization... took over for an aging Roy MacMillan starting in 1962….Showed pop with 20 home runs in 1964…Followed team to Atlanta….off season in 1967 prompted a trade to Houston….Team’s best hitter in 1969 and 1970….Hit .304 in 1970....Despite an excellent bat while manning the Astros Shortstop position his average fielding prompted a move to first for 1971…move coincided with a personal and team loss of offensive production and BA….The Astros looking to improve offense included Menke in group trade with the Reds….the move allowed Tony Perez to move to first extending his career….Menke was able to regain his power stroke but BA suffered….next a poor start resulted in losing starter spot to up and coming Dan Driesen….unsuccessful in a return to Astros in 1974 spelled the end of line.

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