Sunday, June 28, 2015

#585 George Scott

Boomer….One edition of the Complete Handbook of Baseball described him as “A Big Puppy Dog who Wants to be Loved”….My all time favorite phrase from the series and one I use to describe myself….Powerful but inconsistent in the early years overshadowed by Carl Y and Tony C….Broke into Red Sox’s 1966 starting line up with a strong debut hitting 27 home runs, 90 RBI’s…accelerated his game nearly  matching his rookie number while upping his BA to .303….also captured a gold glove award for first base… Suffered through a horrible 1968….1969 his offence started to return….many times baseball cards posted him as a 1st-3rdbase  but mostly played the position in 1969 and 1970…1971 returned to 1sts .....1972 trade to the Brewers placed in spotlight as the franchise’s first bonafide offensive threat…Best seasons of career were in Brewer Blue and took place in 1973 and 1975…First Brewer to reach 100 RBI and hit over .304….Slugged 115 home runs in Beer town….Won a gold glove every year he was a Brewer….Returned to Beantown for 1977 and hit 33 home runs that year….Suffered a major decline in 1978….1979 started likewise…shipped to KC and NYY later on in the year….hit .278 with them to raise his last season average to .254….Died in 2013.

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