Saturday, April 11, 2015

#607 Frank Duffy

At the time, SF/Reds farmhand on the verge of 2503 Abs with tribe…his career is defined by the two significant trades he was involved in… First, the Frank was on the wrong end of a one to one trade for George Foster…Although it a few seasons to play out, Foster eventually  hit 244 home runs for Cincinnati and the only player in the 70’s to hit over 50 in a season…Frank had five singles for SF....After his microscopic return for the Giants, Duffy was included in Gaylord Perry/Sam McDowell trade…another loser for the Giants… after the trade Frank became the regular Indians shortstop…showed some power but overall a sub-par hitter hitting .233….drove in 145 of his career 240 career RBIs  in his prime years of 1973-1975…good fielder twice lead shortstop in fielding %....finished playing days with Boston….Career stretched from 1970 to 1979.

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