Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#616 Joe Ferguson

Young man with classic 70's sideburns, looking to be part of LA’s youth movement…part timer in representing youth in the Dodger’s catching by committee in 1971….next season vets were phased out and started to share with Steve Yeager….an up and down pattern repeated for several years….Played in handful of Dodger games in 1972....First full season 1973 was his best 25 HRs, 88 RBI, .288 AVG…had trouble with hitting consistency afterwards….the crowding with Yeager did prompt forays in right field….had trouble staying above .200 in 1975 and 76….Trade to Cards was short lived…Experienced a mild comeback in 1977 with Astros….Another poor start in 1978 prompted a midseason return to the Dodger blue….was able to re-establish near 1973 numbers while reprising his C-OF designation…hitting woes returned in 1980 resulting in diminished playing time…was given his outright release in mid 1981…Signed by the Angels for extremely limited 3rd string work lasting up 1983.

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