Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#612 Joe Decker

Part of the movement to bring youth to an aging Cubs pitching staff…never achieved regular status either as a starter or reliever shuffling between Chicago and AAA or AA farm clubs in four season…stayed the longest with the big club…Trade to Twin brought  him a place in the starting rotation…Responded with 10-10 record 1973….1974 was his career year winning 16 with a solid 3.29 ERA…bottom dropped out in 1975 when his ERA skyrocketed to 8.54 figure…won one game in season marked long absences…a comeback bid in 1976 fared little better…was released by Twins and picked up by various teams Tigers, Cubs, Mexico City, and Mariners all whom employed him at the AAA level with limited success…was able to work his way back to MLB with Seattle in 1979 for few games…only player in the 1972 set who played with the 1978 San Jose Missions….a notoriously bad team who this author saw as his first minor league game (see program below)...passed away in 2003.



  1. "only player in the 1972 set who played with the 1978 San Jose Missions"

    George Mitterwald and Mike Kekich did too. Ed Crosby was in the 71 and 73 sets.

  2. You're right turns out they played with the team. I based on statement on my program which just listed Decker on the roster. I saw the game late in the season so those must have already departed. Ed Crosby was listed as an assistant coach.