Monday, January 5, 2015

#637 Preston Gomez

No envy of peers here…a man with a impossible mission …Respectability for an expansion franchise….Hired by Padres GM Buzzie Bavasi for the team’s inaugural years… Buzzie and Preson went back to 1960 when Present was the manager at Spokane, one of the Dodger’s two AAA farm teams at the time…A year prior, 1959 the native Cuban, Preston managed the Havana Sugar King to the Little World Series (AAA) Championship…The championship series was less about baseball and more about intimidation and political turmoil of Fidel Castro’s led revolution… the opposition, the Gene Mauch led Minneapolis Millers, were by all accounts just happy to escape without injury…Most likely the highlight of managerial career… Gomez’s journey continued with the Dodger’s organization with a short detour to NYY AAA Richmond…1965 Gomez returns as Dodger coach until his Padres debut…First year Padres were brutal, going 52-110…Padres improved by 11 games in 1970 based on big power numbers…1971 brought on a virtual stalemate in progress going 62-100…a mediocre start in 1972 brought on his dismissal…Resurfaced with Houston in 1973 had his best MLB season going 81-81…miserable Astro squad in 1975 resulted in being let go near the end of the season…Last managerial job was with the Cubs starting the 1980 campaign…replaced on July 23 after 38-52 record….Passed away in 2009


  1. Died tragically in a gas station in Blythe, CA. Struck by car and received head injuries. I happened on the scene shortly after it happened. Sad day.

  2. Wow! Between that and the Rick Monday saving the flag incident, Rumple you are the Forest Gump of Baseball!

  3. I wish I could say that there were more, but those are the only two baseball related events that I can think of. On the whole, I'd rather have been at Aaron's 715th game or any of the perfect games thrown since 1968.