Thursday, November 27, 2014

#648 Jim Lyttle

Left handed hitting pinch hitter and career reserve outfielder…traded by Yankees to White Sox for Rich Hinton…played 1969 to 1976 never appearing in more than 87 games in a season…Far and away best season was 1970 when he hit .310 and hit 3 homers and drove in 14 runs for NYY…Failed to follow up in 1971 dropping his average by over 100 points to sub .200…From 1972 on Jim traversed some time in the majors and mostly the minors…Eventually found steady employment in Japanese Central League for 7 years, teaming several seasons with fellow American Adrian Garrett in Hiroshima….slugged 166 homers and hit .285 overseas.


  1. As familiar as I am with the early 70's sets, it's funny how so many of the higher number cards I've never seen before. Though I did have at least a dozen of Lyttle's '71 card.

  2. Wow! Chris that a lot of doubles of one guy. In 1972 I was season long collector resulting in quite a few high numbers. I had 14 out of the last 17 cards I have profiled. 1971 was the year I didn't collect

  3. Love the blog. Completed this set earlier this year. Was working on the 71 and 72 set simultaneously .