Monday, September 1, 2014

#675 Pat Jarvis

A starter whose status as a 1st  to 4th starter in Atlanta Braves’ staff depended on the fortunes of Phil Niekro, Ron Reed, or George Stone…started in Cubs and Tiger’s farm system…traded to Milwaukee Braves organization…star rose in 1966 in the wake of Atlanta exodus from Milwaukee…impressive late season debut with a 6-2 record and 2.61 ERA in 62 innings…won as many games as a call up as he did in the minors.. Followed up nicely with a 15-10 season in 1967…could have a strong contention for ROY but exceeded rookie criteria in 1966…Maintained high marks with a 16-12 mark in 1968 season possibly his career best…wins tied for 8th best with good company: Seaver, Gaylord Perry, and Bill Hands ….faltered slightly in 1969 given a 13-11 season but ERA almost ballooned by 2 runs a game…started the 3rd game in first ever NLCS but was hit hard…bounced back in 1970 leading the Braves in wins with 16 but the team fell 10 games below .500…next two seasons performance lagged with a combined 17-21 mark and identical 4.10 ERAs…Traded to Montreal for 1973 for Curt Morton…Trade was a plus for the Braves for Morton produced 3 strong years…Pat, plagued by arm trouble, finished with 2-1 record to finish an 85 win career.

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