Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#672 Archie Reynolds

Big League side burns, but that’s about it…Eight career decisions, eight career losses, no wins…a predecessor to Terry Felton's all time 0-16 career record… started career as a Cubbie…five year player, only in big clubs for  very short spurts losing at least one game in every one of his seasons…last major league player with the name Archie…had good seasons in the AAA minor leagues but did not translate to major league success…was member of the 1970 Hawaiian Islander team which is considered one of the best AAA squads ever…followed up with 13-7 season in Salt Lake City, an Angel farm club at the time…Last big league club was Milwaukee in 1972…spent most of year in AAA Evansville…returned to the Triplets for the next season but loss effectiveness did him in…hung up spikes in 1974 in a short comeback with Hawaii.


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