Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#665 Chris Short

The once great mainstay of the Phillies staff during the 1960’s…somewhat flaky and quirky…but this can be overlooked as he won 20, 19, 18, and 17 games in separate seasons in city of Brotherly Love…two time all star....interspersed however were campaigns shortened by injury or double digit losses…saw it all with the Phils, starting in lowly years of 1960 and 61 to their ascendency peaking at the pinnacle 92-60 mark of in the heartbreaking year of 1964…that year Short and fellow ace Jim Bunning were over stretched with starting assignments in the last 12 games…Phils lost out on the World Series birth which wouldn’t occur until 16 years later…After missing nearly the whole of 1969, Chris was never the same winning 16 and losing 30 in 1970 and 71…Phillies fortunes went south as well with four consecutive losing seasons…The 1972 card represented the end of the line…Used sparingly in 1972 (23 innings 1-1 record), Chris later surfaced with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1973…won three games and lost five and released thereafter…died in 1991 after a brain aneurism.



  1. Short was never the same after missing 1969 with back surgery.

  2. Such is the case for many players of the time. In researching I look for time on the disabled list as a reason for a player's decline.