Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#687 Del Unser

Steady, hustling, player with a 15 year career….Son MLB player Al Unser…Drafted by Senators…Spent a 1 ¼ season at AA York…circumvented AAA to become starting Centerfield for 1968 Senators squad… No sophomore slump best season was 1969 with a .286 BA and lead the AL in Triples…Was a Senator mainstay for four years…traded to the Tribe for 1972…circumventing wearing a Ranger uniform in the hot Texas sun…but atlas, time with Tribe was disappointment…Trade to Phillies resurrected his career and he became a regular…Primarily a line drive hitter with occasional pop…Then traded to Mets for 1975 and then Expos mid season 1976…Strong arm and was a leader in outfield assists for several years…With diminishing playing time and production in Canada, Del opts for free agency and returns to Philly….becomes a valued pinch hitter….Hits well in both 1980 NLCS and WS…after playing days are over became a fixture in Philadelphia’s front office.

Note to the Topps 1972 writer…stop lying about Del…looking at the back of card his 5 for 5 game was August 20, 1968…his 118th game of the year…not opening day in Washington...In reality he went 1 for4 that day.


  1. The Phillies outright STOLE Unser from the Indians before the '73 season for stiffs Roger Freed and Oscar Gamble.

    After 2 years as their starting center fielder, Unser was flipped to the Mets for Tug McGraw (and the Phils soon acquired Garry Maddox).

  2. If it was straight up Unser for 4A Roger Freed it would be an absolute steal. Gamble evens up the trade by starting to show some of his promise in Cleveland (although never truly shows it other than his exceptional 1977). He hits .274 in 3 seasons. Unser does well in Philly but I feel players like him are underappreciated.

  3. By 1973, Phillies' fans were just so glad to finally be rid of Freed, Gamble, Ron Stone, Billy Champion, Barry Lersch, Ken Reynolds, and Billy Wilson.

  4. yes, there was a lot unfulfilled promise their. Guys that could not adapt to the MLB level at that time (Gamble did OK to a lesser degree Champion)or never could (Stone, Reynolds)