Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#684 Hal Breeden

Big redhead…Slugging minor league player with limited big league success…Long time minor leaguer…Tore up the I.L. in 1970 as a Braves farmhand…Sparingly used by the Cubs in 1971 stacked behind Joe Pepitone and Jim Hickman and Ernie Banks….and his production suffered…only saving grace was that he played with his brother Danny who got time at catcher…. Danny didn’t fortune much better….Trade to Expos provided a majority of his career playing time backing up another carrot top, Rusty Staub…In 600 Abs, he accrued two interesting achievements…hit two pinch hit home runs in one day in a double header…plus hit one double, two triples and one home run in a game, a feat not repeated until 2014…. Played in 4 seasons north of the border… Poor start in 1975 resulted in a demotion to the minors…Eventually went to Japan and hit 40 and 37 home runs respectively…returned to states in 1979 playing for the Miami Amigos in the short lived AAA Inter-American League.

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  1. He was one of the few nonpitchers to throw left and bat right.