Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#682 Mike McCormick

One last shot in his third return to the bay area….Not to be, never played again in big league ball*….A holdover the Giants days in New York…was a 50K bonus baby….went from high school to Polo grounds in a week…a start of a career of  two ascendancies…Gradually gained effectiveness peaking in 1960 by winning 15 games and ERA crown…After another season of 200+ innings arm troubles developed…Eventually a trade to Baltimore was made and Mike’s fortunes continued to wane even further resulting in a demotion to AAA Rochester…Traded to Washington for a low minor leaguer and cash…In two years with the Nats, Mike reestablishes himself as a starter albeit on bad teams…His return to the bay, Mike wins the Cy Young award in the sans Koufax year of 1967….His record of 22-8 outpitches future Hall of Famers Gaylord Perry and Juan Marichall…. In 1968 and 1969 McCormick returns to a more natural order in rotation as 3rd or 4th starter winning 23 games and losing 24…In 1970 Mike starts to show signs of age and his ERA balloons…mid season trade to NY did not change matters around…released by NY, he picked up by KC….Makes a few appearances in May then released in June…Signed for 1972 by Giants…*spent the year splitting time at AAA Phoenix (Giants) and Hawaii (Padres)….both franchises are baseball’s “I still want to play” retirement homes…went 14-9 combined…played one more year in PCL going 8-14...Career figures, 134 wins, 128 loses, 3.73 ERA with no post season play. 

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