Thursday, June 19, 2014

#693-694 In Action Al Gallagher

Dirty Al…possibly more for his uniform after a game than any particular behavior…Reportedly an easy going guy who likes to laugh and poke fun at himself (according to the 1971 edition of the Complete Handbook of Baseball)...A short career but holds an MLB record…Al Gallagher’s MLB record was set the day he was born….He is tied with one other MLB player with the most names…Has five middle names; Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry….Like Rick Monday and Eddie Leon was drafted in the first round of the 1965 draft by San Francisco, his hometown…Took over at 3rd base in 1970 edging out several incumbents and Jim Davenport as Jim took over to the coaching ranks...Solid rookie season holding his own with .266 average....Strong follow up in 1971 increasing playing and all offensive figures...Line drive hitter with limited power but a good judge of the strike zone...had erratic yet powerful throwing arm...Put in poor numbers in 1972 signally the demise of his career...Traded to Angles just after the start of 1973 and hit .273...despite a fair average was not able to stick with big club for 1974....bounced around minor leagues eventually becoming a manager...was player manager in Lone Star League...tore up the league in its' only year of existence being the only player who had any MLB experience...Eventually spent last 20 years managing in independent minor leagues circuits.

In Action:  Taking a high throw at third, a Phillie slides in safe in front of many empty seats at Candlestick Park.  

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