Saturday, May 24, 2014

#707-708 In Action Tim Foli

The card backside tells the story…Traded to Expos by the Mets on April 6th,  9 days before strike postponed 1972 season started…the versatile infielder became a regular in Montreal’s infield for six years…Represented the Expos' movement to replace the expansion draft players obtained three years earlier…Had a 16 year career of many adjectives, tough, scrappy, combative, and generally popular in his 6 big league stops along with playing for Mets and Pirates on two separate occasions…displayed excellent bat control but this didn’t equate into walks …. little power hit only 25 HRs in 6047 ABs…Best season was 1979 with 1 Hr, 65 RBIs, and .288 average for Pittsburgh…had an excellent post-season in the Pirate’s championship run hitting .333 in both NLCS and WS…MVP honors were taken by Willie Stargell on both series…Good range, good glove mostly at shortstop…First pick in 1968 amateur draft…a draft that produced Thurman Munson, Greg Luzinski, and Bill Buckner but no HOFer’s….Also had stints in San Francisco and California...Wore glasses for most of his playing days…finished with a .251 career BA.

In action:  Tim, without glasses, awaits a ball.  Not much else can be determined.  My gut feeling is that the photo was taken during between inning infield practice based on his pose.  

But if a person likes in action card detective work try this site:

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