Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#723 Al Santorini

Man looking for a win….At the time of photo was taken Al was In the midst of a two year victory drought that stretched from 4/13/1970 (as a Padre) to 4/17/72 (with the Cardinals)… Suffered  consecutive 12 loses in between…Only player with last name Santorini ever in professional baseball….Santorini is also a Greek island… Started in Atlanta organization…was selected in expansion by San Diego…lots of work for the rookie who was 21 in 1969….Good news:  tied for team victories leader and sub 4.00 ERA. Bad news: It was only 8 wins coupled with 14 losses…1970 was by all rights, nightmarish with a ballooning ERA and demotion to AAA….despite the poor outing makes the 71 Padres roster….was involved in a strange incident 5/26/71 starts the first game of double header vs. Houston…Get first batter out and then taken out of game….Returns to start the second game going 6 innings…stunt was for naught because Stro’s swept the Friars….traded to Cards in June 71 and despite some good starts poor run support  failed to bring a win…1972 was a comeback of sorts, once he won again pressed into 5th starter role in May….Moved up in the rotation when Scipio Spinks went down for the season…did OK in this role lowering his ERA and compiling a 6-8 record and improving over the season….Ineffective in 1973 and traded Royals ending his time in the show….was 1-11 in AAA that year…figures.

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