Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#739 Don Mason

I can’t say much about Don Mason…he was weak hitter on weak hitting San Diego squad (although not the all time franchise worst)… inexplicably got considerable of playing time at 2nd base with Padres in 1971 a team that decided hitting or wasn’t needed in the game… The stats explain how that turned out teamed with Enzo Hernandez they had 893 AB resulting in a combined .217 avg. and 23 RBIs…. how's that for middle infield punch? … fielding  wasn’t required either for Don was third in NL 2nd baseman errors despite only 90 games …Was signed by the Washington Senators and picked by the Giants for the 1966 season by the Giants…Rule 5 draftees are required to stay on the big league club for the year following the draft…Don rarely played and hit .120….Highlight of the season was hitting a home run for the solo run in 12-1 slaughter of the Giants by the Reds…Given Don was hitting .070 at the time, maybe some sympathy by opposing team was in play… after 1971 made super rare cameos in a Padres uniform the next two season garnering 20 AB….In my research, however I have come to the conclusion that Mason has been the least productive last name in baseball history…Don and his 3 hr, 27 RBI, .203 avg, Ranger/Yankee Jim Mason 1584 AB .203 avg. are the pillars to support my case …please write and post if I am wrong

*Don photo is interesting for it is the first one review showing the ongoing modification of Candlestick Park


  1. OK. The challenge is on. The Baseball Almanac has the following Masons listed:

    Charlie Mason who was 1 for 2 back in 1883. A stellar .500 avg. But he did have an RBI for his troubles.

    Del Mason a pitcher who last played in 1907. Can't count a pitcher here.

    Ernie Mason a pitcher during the 1894 season. Can't count him either.

    Henry Mason a pitcher in 1958 & 1960. Can't count him either.

    Mike Mason a pitcher in the 1980's. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

    And finally.. Roger Mason a pitcher from 1984 to 1994. Another no go.

    So your theory is sound. Mason is a strong candidate to be the least productive last name in baseball. Keep up the great work. Love the blog.

  2. I looked these guys up too. The name Mason has fared better in other sports. In Basketball there are three Masons that that have long careers in NBA, Hockey has had also 3 Masons (oddly enough all goaltenders) and Football had running back Derrick (retired 2011) and Tommy (1960's).