Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#737 Lenny Randle

Two words:  Inconsistency and Controversy can summarize Randle’s career…His legacy are two events one infamous, one funny…The infamous:  Hitting manager Frank Luchessi during 1977 spring training…the later was a much viewed unsuccessful attempt to blow a bunt foul while playing 3rd base for the Mariners in 1981….Didn’t work but it was creative....Once again here's a guy in a uniform…sporting a red cap sans insignia of the departed Senators…Len or Lenny Randle was part of several varying for an infield spot in the Senators/Rangers transitional years….competing were vets Tim Cullen, Ted Kubiak, Dave Nelson, and rookie Vic Harris..Did best when manager Billy Martin took over the hapless Rangers in 1974 hitting .302…After 1974 breakout year Randle’s career was notorious for ups and downs…an up season would result in .270-.310 BA…a down year was sub .240 followed usually by a trade…Much shuffled was part of 5 transactions in 7 months in 1979….After his MLB career was over he played in fledgling Italian baseball league…this story was chronicled on the CBS news program 60 Minutes…from all appearances he found an inner peace overseas…A first round pick out Arizona State University…never played below AAA level.

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