Saturday, February 22, 2014

#736 Bill Russell

The conversion from outfielder to infield is written on the back of card…at the start of 1972 season the whole Dodger infield was in question….after a couple of years as a fourth outfielder was tried out at second in 1971…actually played more games there than outfield…In 1972 shortstop to replace the aging Maury Wills…Was a regular LA infielder from then on until 1983…and a reserve for three more seasons….steady performer and a Dodger throughout his career…3 time all star and improved as a fielder after a inglorious start….Had 194 career post season at bats…Became the Dodger manager for three years 1996-98….had a 173-159 record as skipper….Bleeds Dodger Blue.

Given his long career Bill is pretty well covered in the blog world.  Read more about Bill on the 1973 blog:


  1. This was the only 1972 card I didn't get during 1972.

    Your comments about his position(s) reminded me of what I don't like about this set - the player's position is not shown on the front of the card. I wonder if this is the first year that was done?

  2. Only card wow. I thought I had a pretty bad pack buying habit in the day and I was still many cards away from a complete set. I had a lot of Russell card, one of the 1971, this one, and about 4 in the 1973 set.

    The only time before no position was shown on the front was the first two years of Topps cards, 1951 and 1952, I'm less of a fan of 1973 set where one position was picked.