Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#760 Bill Mazeroski

I'm going to confess that Bill been covered recently by several others this is short and covers stuff already said...
Bill is a Hall of Famer as deemed by the Veteran’s Committee in 2001…Landmark moment was the walk off home run that won the WS against the Yankees in 1960…A fair hitter having some power but above his peers with his glove leading most 2nd baseman in fielding during the 60’s…for nine consecutive years he was an all star or gold glover sometimes both…By 1972 he had surrendered more playing time to Dave Cash...Later became a Pirate coach.  


  1. Wow, Maz' career stretched so far back to the time when there was a PCL team in Hollywood, CA!

  2. I'm a big old time PCL buff. The history of the league makes a major change after the 1957 season. That was the last year of the Stars who had to move to Salt Lake City because the LA' Dodger's arrival. The the Hollywood team played out a little park called Gilmore field, It was tore down to make "CBS television city in Hollywood".