Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#758 Gil Garrido

Alphabetically very close to teammate Ralph Garr…This long time Giant farmhand shortstop broke in with the Giants in 1964 but spent most of his time in MLB fill in/substitue with the Braves…Best shot for a regular gig was in 1970 taking over for injured Sonny Jackson…put up career numbers that year and fairly decent BA.…almost no power…1 hr in nearly 1000 Abs…HR took place on May 27, 1970 …Out of place on a team know for a launching pad ballpark and gentlemen by the name of Aaron, Cepeda, Carty, Baker…Last season was 1972 when he hit .267 in 87 ABs....Had 207 hits for a career but only 20 were for extra bases....Panama native. 

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