Saturday, November 2, 2013

#770 Jim Wynn

Toy Cannon Jim Wynn…The face and offensive leader of the Astros, as opposed to the former Colt .45s…Jim held many of the early franchise records, now taken over by Berkman and Bagwell…He still remains 5th in Astro homers and 7th in RBIs…All done in the less than hitter friendly Astrodome….Became a full timer with the onset of the Astrodome era…1971 was a terrible year, especially in the power dept,  one in present day may have resulted exit from the club…Rebounded nicely in 1972…A subpar 1973 resulted in a trade to the Dodger where he became a major cog in pennant winning team…Twice the leader in base on balls the last year was being 1976 at the tail end of his career with Atlanta....Finished career with Milwaukee...Hit one of the longest home runs in history of MLB at Cincinnati Crosby’s field…the ball was last seen bouncing down the I-75 interstate over the left field wall…the grainy footage is seen here. 


  1. That footage of Wynn rounding third base was used in Ron Howard's 'Apollo 13', even though it was set in 1970.

  2. I;ll have to look for that. I'm wondering if the footage was of Wynn monster home run in Cincinnati. Love that live black and white footage of the 60's.