Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#768 Denny Doyle

Denny Doyle  Red head working Hard to Meet Expectations….Great things were anticipated with Doyle coming out the Phillies Farm system in late 1969....was PCL MVP in 1969..Came up with Larry Bowa and expected to be the future of the Phillies infield…Doyle played several seasons under expectations….A total bust in 1970, stats improved somewhat in 1971...According to the write up in 1972 Baseball Guidebook (Yes I still have my original copy) by the time this card came out he was already trade bait…Low power, good glove…Slowly Doyle was able to improve his output in '72 and '73....After a short stint with the Angels, he eventually had the season that was expected of him with the 1975 Red Sox hitting .310 after coming over from a trade with California in June….the move ignited the Red Sox who vaulted to the historic 1975 World Series….Released after the 1977 season despite being the Red Sox regular second baseman and setting a personal best for RBI’s...Brother of Yankee Brian Doyle who wouldn't appear in the majors until Denny's playing days were over.   


  1. Doyle was one of the Phillies' late-1960s prospects, along with the above-mentioned Larry Bowa, as well as Greg Luzinski, Don Money, Larry Hisle, John Vukovich, Billy Champion, and Lowell Palmer. (The Phillies weren't too good at developing pitchers.)

  2. Yes. Only one pitcher Rick Wise really rised to prominance. Thank the forces that be that Carlton came in 1972 or the franchise may have suffered one of the worst mlb seasons ever.