Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#764 Dusty Baker

Young man whose big league cups of coffee are finished…The Braves organization was patient with this prospect giving four call ups between 1968 to 71…in 1972 he delivers big time hitting .321 with 17 home runs and he stays for good…Despite many fine season some have argued that he did not live up to expectations… Hailed as a the new Hank Aaron.... minor league performance did not indicate subsequent MLB  power numbers…Was the Dodgers best home run hitters in late 70's to early 80's....A two time all star relatively late in his career…Hit 242 homers, 1013 RBI,plus a .278 AVG…. Later a manager famous for the World Series where his young son serving as bat boy nearly got run over at home plate…Rules were changed after that incident…It  over shadowed the fact he is a three time manager of the year and won 103 in first year....has managed at the big league for 19 of last 20 years...and rumored to be Tigers new skipper.

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