Saturday, November 23, 2013

#763 Ron Hansen

A short career in KC…  This serious man who would only make 30 plate appearances for the Royals… Last card…What is interesting he was acquired by the Royals April 5th, the photo looks un-airbrushed so it must be from spring training in taken in a 10 day span from to April 15th opener …Was released June 27th.
Know for a only player to complete an unassisted triple play from 1927 to 1992…Took place on July 30, 1968 in very interesting three  days;  performed the feat with the Washington Senators, proceeded to strike out six consecutive times over the triple play game and the next, comes back to hit a grand slam on the third day , and on the fourth day is traded back to White Sox for one of the same players he was traded before season began….Since 1992 it has now been done 6 times…All unassisted have been completed the same way…a caught ball at shortstop, a step on second, and tag out of the oncoming runner… Rookie of the Year 1960…. In his prime he was something very rare a shortstop with power….career was hampered by injuries and commitment to military service, resulting in inconsistency. 

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