Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#761 1972 A.L.-N.L. Rookie Card

A rare trans-league Rookie Card with two future star...(Sorry Ben I'm a little light on your bio)

 Ron Cey:  One of the mainstays of the Dodgers for next decade, then the Cubs…ROY…A consecutive six time all star …In 1972 Ron came off an incredible AAA season in Spokane(32Hr,123-RBIs, .328 Avg).  For whatever reason the Dodgers kept him down another where Ron basically repeated his performance in Albuquerque (23Hr,102-RBIs, .329 Avg).  This is odd given the Dodgers problems at third base at the time…Playing for Spokane was a natural for the native of Washington and attend school at nearby Washington State…his stint in Albuquerque was a return to where he played in the Texas league…A model of consistency in both bat and field...Next year Cey’s card is paired with Mike Schmidt, a card highly valued by collectors...Spent 4 years with the Cubs as vital cog in the club resurgence in 1984.

Ben Oglive:  Unlike Cey Ben stay with the big club in 1972…but was only a bit player for both the Red Sox and then Detroit…stardom came with a trade to the Brewers although he never obtained the Cey’s notoriety and press billing.... but did hit more home runs in a season than the Penguin…had a career year in 1980 leading the AL in Home Runs plus an all star appearance and Sliver Slugger Award.

Bernie Williams: Bernie wasn’t even close to put the numbers of his card mates…See more information on the 1973 card blog site:  http://1973toppsphotography.blogspot.com/2011/12/other-bernie-williams.html  Williams career with the Giants was a case of bad timing for Gary Matthews and Garry Maddock were in the wings

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