Saturday, September 21, 2013

#780 Dick Green

A last name fitting of a career long member of the A’s the only MLB team that uses  green as a team color…An early entrant to the A’s  youth movement that bloomed into 3 consecutive world championships; Jackson, Hunter, Bando,  Rudi… Green never achieved the status of his peers plagued by  inconsistent batting and injuries, twice he failed to hit over .200…good at times but not great…missed out on Oakland’s first championship in 1972, where he had only 20 AB in regular season as opposed to the post season…came from a time when even journeymen players stuck with one franchise....long before free agency…Inductee to the South Dakota athletic hall of fame

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  1. Sometimes I find out things that need to be added. Dick got the Babe Ruth Award for 1974 World Series despite going 0 for 13. He started 6 critical double plays against the Dodgers. Despite this award he was released before the next season.