Monday, September 2, 2013

#783 Les Cain

Les Cain…  

Put in double digit wins in his first two big league seasons but was plagued with arm troubles all through his career…Had an excellent debut in ’70 with 12 wins, making up somewhat  for the loss of Denny McClain by suspension….Especially surprising coming on the heels  of a hideous 1969 campain at AAA Toledo…Now for the strange parts…Wikipedia indicates the following…hit the last HR by a Detroit pitcher before the start of the DH…contended he was forced to pitch by Detroit manager Billy Martin while he had a sore arm...Cain later claimed that it did permanent damage to his arm and he sued the Tigers. In a landmark decision, the Michigan Bureau of Workman's Compensation ordered the Tigers to pay Cain $111 a month for the rest of his life. A lump sum payment was later agreed upon. …sneaked in a win during the Tiger's  World Championship season in 1968...was only 20 at the time.... finished by 0-3 in 72 but had a respectable 3.80 ERA........In a four-season career went 23-19.  

The photo appears to be taken during Spring all likelihood the Tigers Lakeland facility which still used to this day.

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