Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#782 Larry Stahl

Bummer of a name is you are an offensive player, maybe not so bad if are a relief pitcher… Headline:  Rally Stalled by Stahl….bit of a hard luck career finding employment mostly with perennially last place team, the mid 60’s KC A’s,  later 60’s NY Mets,  and the expansion Padres (of course the guy had to leave a franchise that would win the World Series the next year)…Had most games with San Diego and arguably his best season in 1971…Hit a tab over .250 when in platoon situations as he did in 1971 or in 1966 with KCA…Eventually found a winner in his final season with the Reds....That year he went 2-4 in NCLS in a exclusive pinch hit role... Baby faced which belies the  fact he had played professionally for 10 years by the time of this photo…Claim to fame was hitting the longest home run in KC A’s history (it appears to be still the longest hr in Kansas City MLB history)...according to his 1969 and 1970 cards the ball traveled 503 feet....Background is Candlestick Park, where a large number of photos were taken of the home Giants, and visiting Padres, Astros, Phillies, and various IN ACTION shots. 

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