Saturday, August 17, 2013

786 Chuck Brinkman

The bespectacled and possibly stockier brother to Senators and Tigers shortstop Ed Brinkman  … typical of 3rd string catchers of age, considered a good field no-hit player and Chuck didn’t disappoint… Not only no hit, virtually zero power… did get one jack in his MLB career of 306 ABs, which is good considering  had 1 hr in 1300+ minor league career at bats…  In his own way, Chuck is amazing in that he played so little for so long in the bigs…. Had 80 ABs combined in 1971 and 1972...In 1973 at the moment that Chuck moved to the 2nd string his White Sox days were numbered…His career is indicative of the Peter Principle, that people are promoted to the level of their own incompetence (BA .187)...Sorry Chuck.  

The picture background is spring training.  The St Petersburg background shows a large art deco building in the background.   This building is more prominent in other White Sox spring training photos namely Lowell Palmer's.

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